Apologetic Methods  Mark Fontecchio 

Postmodernism – Mark Fontecchio 

The Documentary Hypothesis – Mark Fontecchio 

The Origin of Man: Created by God – Mark Fontecchio
The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ – *J. Hampton Keathly, III

Evidences for the Resurrection – *J. Hampton Keathly, III

The Shroud of Turin and the Resurrection of Christ – *J. Hampton Keathly, III

The Word-Filled Life – *J. Hampton Keathly, III

Why We All Need the ABCs – *J. Hampton Keathly, III

Are Miraculous Gifts for Today?  – *J. Hampton Keathly, IV

Is the Bible Scientifically Accurate? – *Stanley R. Ponz

Can We Really Trust Our Bible? – *Stanley R. Ponz


Difficulties In The Bible (Alleged Errors and Contradictions) – (On-line book) by R.A. Torrey

Apologetic Websites

Ankerburg Theological Research Institute – Dr. John Ankerburg

Reasoning From The Scriptures Ministries – *Ron Rhodes

World of the Bible Ministries – Randall Price


Alpha and Omega Ministries – James R. White

Answers in Action – (Book Reviews) – Gretchen Passantino

Answers in Genesis – Ken Ham


Apologetics Index

Apologetics Information Ministry – Craig Hawkins


Apologetics Resource Center – Craig Branch

Berean Call, The

Breakpoint –  Breakpoint Commentaries – Chuck Colson

Canadian Institute for Law, Theology and Public Policy – John Warwick Montgomery


Center For Scientific Creation – Walt Brown

Christian Answers Network

Christian Research Institute, The – Hank Hanegraaff

Christian Research Service – Don Conklin & Diane Conklin

Come Let Us Reason Together – Lenny Esposito

Creation Research Society – CRI Archive

Creation Science Evangelism – Kent Hovind

C.S. Lewis

Dare Connexions – John Bowen

Does God Exist? – John N. Clayton

Dr. William Lane Craig Site

Evidence for God from Science

Gospel Outreach Ministries Online

Great Dinosaur Mystery, The

Institute for Biblical Apologetics – Dan R. Schlesinger

Institute of Biblical Defense – Phil Fernandes, Ph.D.

Institute for Creation Research

Jesus,  Dinosaurs and More!

Josh McDowell Ministry

Leadership U – Campus Crusade for Christ, Int’l.

Legacy of Truth Ministries

Let Us Reason Ministries – Mike Oppenheimer

Lord, I Believe – Hill Roberts

Meekness and Truth Ministries – Dave Geisler’s

McKenzie Study Center

Midwest Christian Outreach – L.L. (Don) Veinot, Jr.

Proclaiming the Gospel – Mike Gendron

Probe Ministries

Rapid Response Report

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Reachout Trust

Reasons To Believe – Hugh Ross

Revolution Against Evolution, The

Stand to Reason

Summit Ministries

Walter Martin’s Religious InfoNet

Watchman Fellowship – The Index of Cults and Religionsis an especially useful resource.


Cultural Apologetics Sites


Reviews movies from a Christian perspective. This site is connected to the Dove Foundation which promotes wholesome family entertainment.



Movie reviews by a Christian from a non-critical approach. This site views movies as points of contact with the culture.



General Apologetic Websites


A good source for information on Islam and answers to questions commonly raised in dialogue with Muslims.



This site features articles that interact with issues related to postmodernism.



The Barna Research Group gathers and distributes research on trends that affect the church.



The apologetics web site of Robert Bowman, Jr. which features links, suggestions for teaching apologetics, and a forum for asking apologetics questions.



The home page for Christianity Today and other publications that address issues from an evangelical perspective.



The web site of the Christian Research Institute. It contains resources on religious movements and non-Christian cults.



Spiritual Counterfeits Project is a ministry that focuses on answering Eastern religious movements, cults and New Age religions from a Christian perspective.



A site that features resources on issues related to intelligent design and philosophical theism.



Discovery Institute’s mission is to make a positive vision of the future practical. The Institute discovers and promotes ideas in the common sense tradition of representative government, the free market and individual liberty. Our mission is promoted through books, reports, legislative testimony, articles, public conferences and debates, plus media coverage and the Institute’s own publications and award-winning Internet website.